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{ Ramen Reviews }

{the ancient art of critiquing instant noodle cuisine}

{the ancient art of critiquing instant noodles}
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This community is for posting reviews of instant ramen and other bowl noodles.

The moderator lives in the vicinity of a huge asian supermarket and enjoys having bowl noodles for lunch. She noticed that there is a huge variety in both quality and price. She didn't know what to buy and would spend hours (okay, minutes) staring at this massive wall of bowl noodles. It was a crapshoot.

All bowl noodles are certainly NOT created equal. This community exists so everyone can write reviews and share their instant noodle experiences.

The moderator, aurora77, invites you to try out the products reviewed and share your thoughts afterward. You can also post your own reviews. If the product has already been reviewed, please put your review into the comments section for that post. If the item has not been reviewed, you may create your own post.

No community promotions, please.

Keep your posts tasteful (pun intended) and on-topic, or you will be warned, then banned.

/Suggested/ (not required) Review Format

Product name:
Country of origin:

[Photos, both unopened and prepared, behind cut please]

General review information here, such as noodle consistency, broth consistency, meat/veg. consistency, flavors, aroma, saltiness, spiciness, general impression, etc.

Rating: x/5