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First Review - King Car Soy Sauce Ramen - { Ramen Reviews }

About First Review - King Car Soy Sauce Ramen

First Review - King Car Soy Sauce Ramen Mar. 20th, 2006 @ 11:46 am Next Entry
Brand: King Car
Variety: Soy Sauce Ramen
Type: Instant Ramen
Price: $1.29

This bowl ramen makes the claim to be “healthy & nutritious”, using “non-fried noodles”. Upon opening it, I noticed that the noodles had the usual width, but were flatter than normal. There were two flavoring packets, one of a dark oily sauce and the other of dried vegetables and powdered flavoring.

My method of preparation: I filled the bowl about 2/3 the way with hot water from my work’s coffee machine, which puts out very hot water meant for tea and such. I placed the bowl into the microwave for further heating for 90 seconds. I let it sit like that for a minute or so. The noodles softened very quickly. I added the seasoning from the packets and let it sit for another minute to cool down.

The dried veggies appear to be corn, green onion, and seaweed, and possibly small strips of fried tofu, but I’m not sure if that’s what it is. They’re chopped finely, so they reconstitute quickly and have a good texture. The objects identified as fried tofu end up a bit rubbery, though. The appealing aroma was of sea salt and soy. The broth texture wasn’t grainy, like some of the bowls, where they rely mainly on powdered broth base. The broth is quite tasty and not overly salty. The noodle texture is good. The noodles aren’t tough, but neither are they too weak or slimy. The flavor of the noodles seems to somewhat overpower the flavor of the broth. The broth could be a little stronger.

I would recommend adding some BBQ pork to it. Perhaps a little hot mustard as well.

The verdict: Good texture. Slightly weak, but still tasty, broth. Could be excellent if you add a few things of your own to it. Very good as a base, but not quite sufficient to eat by itself.

Rating: 3/5
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