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Wang Black Bean Paste Noodles - { Ramen Reviews }

About Wang Black Bean Paste Noodles

Previous Entry Wang Black Bean Paste Noodles Mar. 21st, 2006 @ 04:36 pm Next Entry
Brand: Wang
Variety: Black Bean Paste Noodle
Type: Instant Bowl Noodles
Price: $3.29

This Korean bowl noodle dish looks quite enticing from the picture, but from the name, I wasn’t sure I’d like it. I opened it and was surprised. This one actually had thick moist noodles in a pouch. Promising. There was also a packet of “black sauce,” red pepper powder (hot? *whimper*), and a “dried flake sachet” (o_O). This one’s 550 Calories with 4g of fat, 19g of protein, and a whopping 1800 mg of sodium.

My method of preparation: I prepared it by to the instructions, by adding the noodles and the “flakes” (which turned out to be the dried veggies like onion and seaweed and a little powder, not some scary fish food or anything like that), then filling it with hot water and nuking it for 3 minutes. It said to drain the water, but that meant losing the veggies, so I only drained most of it so as to maintain most of the veggies. I opened the red pepper packet and I think my eyes started to water. That’s some hot stuff there. I was reluctant to mix all of it in, but, if I’m going to review this right, I’d better follow the instructions. Dumped it all in there. Next came the black sauce, which was a very dark brown and somewhat thick mixture.

First impressions: The noodles are fabulous! Firm and tasty! This is how they should all be. I can taste the pepper. The heat’s gonna build up over time. Hey, there’s something like tiny meat chunks in here. Didn’t notice those. Might be pork or chicken, not sure. They’re a little chewy, but much better than most reconstituted bits of meet I’ve tasted.

Second impression: Is it getting warm in here? *wipes forehead* I’m a bit of a wimp, but I’m not even 1/3 the way through it. Good flavor, but then again, I’m not sure exactly how black bean paste noodles really should taste. It’s not my favorite flavor, but it’s still good.

Third impression: The red pepper is starting to take over the flavor. I’m wishing I hadn’t added all of it. My nose is running. I’m about halfway through.

Final impressions: Gah! Must…find….fire…extinguisher!

The verdict: Fabulous noodles! Good black bean paste sauce. The meat is still unidentifiable, but tastes and chews better than most. Far too spicy for me (a lightweight) with all the red pepper powder added, but that can be controlled to your individual taste, so it’s not a real negative. I’d definitely buy this again, but I’d prepare it with less spice.

Rating: 4/5
Current Mood: fullfull
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