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Yakisoba - { Ramen Reviews }

About Yakisoba

Previous Entry Yakisoba Apr. 5th, 2007 @ 11:32 am
First post! I've recently gotten back into the habit of trying lots of instant noodles again.

product name
: Instant Noodle Cup Maukashinagarno Sauce Yakisoba
country of origin: Japan


This is a very complicated sort of instant noodle. First, the lid is peeled back partway (from the part labled A to the part labelled B), and the flavouring packets are removed. There are three flavouring packets: dried vegetables (cabbage) , soy sauce, and seasoningd and seaweed bits.. The cabbage is at this point added (under the noodles so it doesn't stick to the lid), and then water is poured in. It's then sealed with a convenient tab at point A. Now I can't read Japanese, but I assumed it would be best just to leave it there for a while.

After waiting, the cover is then opened at point C (oppisite to point A) and  under the plastic is this little alfoil affair with slots that allows the water to exit, but not the noodles. The entire lid is then removed, and the sauce and flavourings added, and the whole thing is then mixed.

I've never been much of a fan of yakisoba, I'm more a ramen girl. There was also twice as much as I usually eat, so I wasn't able to finish, even when I made a yakisoba bread out of some of the leftovers. The noodles are short, which is a nice change, making them easier to eat (if you use chopsticks), and the cabbage reconstituted surprisingly well. But yakisoba always seems to me rather bland and unpleasantly tasting of okonomiyaki sauce.

the verdict
3/5  An extra point for the cool container, but the noodles are otherwise fairly bland. If you're a fan of yakisoba, go for it.
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Date:November 13th, 2010 09:09 pm (UTC)

i need these noodles

please tell me where you were able to find these noodles when i was in japan they were my favorite instant noodles and all i have to go by is "the ones in the orange package" if there is a website i can order them any info please
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